Off-grid Eco-Cabins by Tur Experiences

Adventure awaits

Tur Experiences is a new kind of hospitality company on a mission to improve the well-being and happiness of people and the planet. The Outdoor Hospitality operator and brand for sustainable accommodations offers meaningful escapes to sustainable, off-grid micro-cabins close to your home and surrounded by nature. We provide an opportunity for local landowners and hotels to create extra income and be part of the global green transition, while offering cool, sustainable accommodations to travelers.


“We believe hospitality can be a source of inspiration and advocate for positive change. A place where local communities and the environment can thrive on the back of your adventures”. 


After being inspired during the pandemic to do things differently, founder Reinier Van Der Veeken created the concept by combining his passion for nature and conservation with over a decade of international experience in the hospitality real estate industry.  

Our uniquely designed off-grid micro-cabins provide opportunities for landowners to connect with travelers through sustainable accommodations, offering:

  • The opportunity to generate additional income on otherwise unused land. 
  • With a locally produced, sustainable micro cabin with off-grid and on-grid solutions. Architectural drawn, low-impact design and build with natural and reused materials.
  • A "plug-and-play" hospitality solution to provide seamless guest engagement and marketing support.

We would love to hear more about you, your project and how we could potentially collaborate. We can also offer nature-based tourism advisory services, concept development, business planning, etc.

Btw, did we tell you that our design is aligned with the 2030, 1.5°C strategy?

Reinier van der Veeken,

Founder Tur Experiences